Traditional Christmas Recipe by chef Naden

15 décembre 2022

Christmas tree decoration, gift sharing, tasty meals, the magic of Christmas is tangible as this eagerly awaited date approaches! Want to add a little exotic touch to your Christmas Eve…


The Explorer Programme of Veranda Tamarin Hotel & Spa

14 janvier 2022

Veranda Tamarin Hotel & Spa has recently launched a brand-new concept, unique in Mauritius, with the intention of providing their guests with a fully Mauritian adventure, with experiences in the…


Discover Mauritian cuisine with Veranda Resorts

8 mars 2019

Getting to grips with a new culture also means discovering new flavours, new dishes and new ways of sharing a meal. At Veranda Resorts, we’ll tantalise your taste buds with three exquisite and authentic experiences: My Local Table, Mauritian cooking classes, and a “sharing table”. Get ready for a fun and friendly odyssey into a world of new flavours!


6 ways to travel off the beaten path with Veranda Resorts

21 novembre 2018

We’re on a mission here at Veranda Resorts: we want you to discover our island in the most authentic way possible, by meeting local people and living extraordinary experiences. We’ve concocted a small selection of things you should do to discover our tizil* differently.


Discover coffee art at Veranda Resorts!

18 octobre 2018

Mauritius is famous for its dité vanille*. But did you know that the island is also home to an excellent range of coffee blends? To help you discover this slice of Mauritian culture, Veranda Resorts has teamed up with Mauritian roasting experts Les Brûleries de la Fournaise and their Dodo Café brand to offer guests classes in coffee art (that is, the art of creating images on coffee) and an exceptional house coffee blend.


Tea with a dash of “powdered” milk, a Mauritian ritual

4 mai 2018

In Mauritius, the legacy of British rule can be seen in everything from the legal system to the Frenglish spoken by the locals. Yet the English custom that has left a lasting mark on the island is… teatime! Over the years, teatime has evolved into a uniquely Mauritian ritual, one that an anglophile might even take exception to! Here, we delve into the details of this delicious local tradition.


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